April 9, 2011

it's ok to poach ideas, but not animals

so ogilvy paris fucked up a little - they've just done a campagin for the WWF that (coincidentallyhappens to be identical to a project by two third-year students from vega in 2009. the ads featured fish wearing masks of various endangered animals, bearing the payoff line "would you care more now?" - whereas ogilvy's version features (you guessed it) fish wearing animal masks and copy that reads "would you care more if i was a gorilla/panda/rhino etc." the students' work won a silver award for print advertising at the 2009 sappi think ahead awards. have a look at this if you want to find out more.

i guess you could argue that it's a co-incidence. if you're one of those people who thinks that the dude from survivor really lives on an uninhabited island between shows.

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