April 4, 2011

i took this photo 8 years ago on a month-long trip we did at my highschool called the trek - basically, we spent 28 days hiking, cycling or canoeing from somerset west to de hoop nature reserve over a distance of about 350km.
i probably had about as much fun as anyone can have being forced to hang out with 15-year-old private school kids in the wilderness for four weeks, but it was an invaluable experience and i learned a lot about my private-school 15-year-old self in the process.
we had to pretty much find our own way around with an a4 map of our route each day, so getting lost became a regular activity. on this particular day, we got lost at a dam and spent an hour or so trying to figure out which way to hold the map, so i started carving a face into this chunk of clay.
draw as many parallels to lord of the flies as you want, i’m just glad i ended up mutilating a rock into an idol and not something cool like a pig.

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